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    Benidorm Transfers / Benidorm Bus /
    Benidorm Shuttle Direct.
    Providing 'Direct' Transfers with offices in resort and representatives for all your transfer needs.We do not pass on your details to others we are available 24/7-365 days a year.And we take the booking and transfer you the client to your destination.If you need us call the UK or Spanish office or e.mail.

    FAQ / Answers.
    There will always be someone offering these services cheaper, bogus brokers who may not deliver the service you booked and paid for, some without an official registered company sub contracting vehicles which may not comply to local health and safety regulations holding a full license and insurance, do not take the risk, you are worth more than that.

    Spain Airport Transfers - Best Rates -Alicante-Murcia-Valencia-Madrid-Ibiza-Palma-Las Palmas-Fueteventure-Barcelona-Mahon-Malaga-Lanzorote-Tenerife South-Girona-To resorts towns,cities in Spain.Low cost Spain.

    Spain Airport Transfers-Best Rates.
       Benidorm CASINOS

    Benidorm Entertainments

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    Luggage.For shuttle transfers if you are in a resident or private accommodation, you choose a hotel or apartment close to there for your drop off and pick up point. For all private vehicle services this is door to door (access permitting).

    Flight delays.Firstly, don't worry, flights are monitored closely for delays, drivers, traffic manager and airport staff are in constant contact and you will never be left stranded due to a flight delay.

    Delays Don't worry, you will always be given a 24/7 emergency number of the traffic manager however, the Beni Connect representative will be on duty at the desk on level -2 at Alicante airport and the likelihood of the driver not being there is very rare.

    You will automatically receive a confirmation e mail once you have made a booking, this will give full joining instructions for your arrival along with procedure for departure transfers. If for some reason you have not received the e mail (could be your system has mistaken our e mail for spam and it has been deleted) then please contact our Customer Service department.

    Taxis/Coach at any Spanish airport,unless pre booked and paid for before arrival are 'Illegal' DO NOT Pay cash at the airport unless Public transport or ranked taxis as you are Not Insured.If stopped by the police all monies will be lost.Be safe book
    and pay before arrival with a fully bonded transport company.

    Benidorm Transfers dedicates its services to the Costa Blanca which is still one of Spains topselling destinations. There are three main airports serviced for private transfers, those being 
    therefore wherever you fly into here on the Costa Blanca wecan offer you and your fellow travellers a quick, efficient and comfortable transfer to your destination.

    With no fuss, no hidden extras just a good efficient friendly service.

    Private Transfers
    are exactly that, you will not have to share the vehicle with anyone else from another group or party, it is exclusively for you and your party. These services are available to almost every destination along the Costa Blanca. 
    They save valuable holiday time with a direct transfer from the airport to your accommodation with no stops en route.

    Private Taxi Transfers
    perfect for that extra holiday treat from one person to a maximum of 4 people, a quick, easy personal service. Special Euro adapted Taxis suitable for electric scooters and wheelchairs and passengers with special needs when travelling. 

    Private Mini Bus Service
    ideal for small groups of friends travelling together or larger families, with a Meet & Greet service in the arrivals hall taking you directly out to the vehicle and on to your accommodation.

    Private Coach Transfers
    fantastic for clubs & associations, travel agent group bookings, hen and stag groups with up to 54 seats for your own private hire. No fuss with the Meet & Greet in the arrivals hall and straight out to the coach and on to your accommodation within recordtime ready to begin your holiday. There are so many destinations along the coastline to choose from and access permitted, it is a door to door service.

    Shuttle Transfers
    are shared transfers which operate to Benidorm, Albir and La Cala de Finestrat to all hotels, tourist and apartments and complexes. These shuttle services are excellent value for money with no limit to the number of people youwish to book on a shuttle transfer with prices shown per person. The size of the vehicle may depend on the number of people arriving at the same time and could be anything from a taxi to a mini bus or a large coach. The maximum waiting time from your flight arrival time will be no more than 45 minutes however, in many cases this is much less.

    Costa Blanca

    The Costa Blanca is situated approximately half way along the east coast of Spain where the area is renounced for its excellent weather and climate as well as its many prize winning beaches.

    The Costa Blanca has something for everyone, going inland you can enjoy the unspoilt traditional real Spain or move along the coastline and enjoy quiet fishing villages or the hustle and bustle of a busy resort like Benidorm. Flying into the Costa Blanca is easy with so many options thanks to the addition of the low cost airlines who recognised there was so much demand.

    The airports you can fly into are Alicante, Murcia and Valencia, all within easy reach of Benidorm and surrounding areas. To travel in style from the airport to your accommodation then we have private services readily available at excellent value for money prices. No waiting around for other passengers, just straight through into the arrivals hall, our Meet & Greet service and onto the vehicle taking you straight on to your chosen accommodation.

    The vehicles will not be shared with any other passengers therefore great for Stag & Hen parties who have already began celebrating, no need to worry about disturbing fellow passengers.
    Golfers, this can be expensive when transporting your luggage and golf equipment from the airport to your accommodation but by booking a private service and splitting the cost between you can save you pounds ! Also golfers, why not ask for a quote to enable you to travel to and from some of the excellent golf courses in the area during your stay. For large families or perhaps two or three families travelling together then this way is perfect, groups of friends, no waiting, no sharing just a private vehicle for yourselves at affordable prices. With children excited and eager to get to the pool or beach then a fast track in comfort, plenty of room for all the luggage and extras you have brought for the kids.

    Remember if you are flying into either Murcia or Valencia there are some excellent deals on flights to the Costa Blanca therefore why not cost it out with a private transfer to meet your group. Theres hardly very much difference in the journey time into
    resort therefore a bargain all round !

    Which cards do you accept.?
    Credit card 2.25%
    Debit cards 0.40p
    Business cards 3.25%

    What luggage do you accept.?
    Luggage 1 suitcase per person +
    1 hand luggage per person.
    Any extra please e.mail

    I have made a booking on the website how do I know what or where to go?
    You will receive a confirmation e.mail then a voucher e.mail will be sent with full instructions within 24 hours of booking.

    What if I arrive and I cannot locate the driver?
    Don't worry,you will be given a 24/7 emergency telephone number
    of the traffic manager,however,the Benidorm Transfers/Beni Connect representative will be on duty at desk on level-2 at Alicante airport new terminal.

    What happens if my flight is delayed.?
    Don't worry flights are monitored closely for delays,drivers,traffic manager and airport staff are in constant contact and you will never be left stranded due to a flight delay.You must however report any delays before departure.

    My flight has changed or cancelled?
    You must inform us at least 48 hours before departure.To reschedule the transfers.

    I am not staying in a Officially registered Tourist Hotel or Apartment/Villa.Where is the drop off.?
    If you have the address of a hotel or apartment close by to a residential address that will be the nearest drop off or collection point,as local traffic rules and regulations can be enforced by the local council or police.

    Lost Luggage.?
    A telephone call immediately to the office,Spain or UK,you realize you have lost luggage.

    with Ref-SUGG/Y

    Whats the advantage of a shuttle transfer/connect transfer.?
    Excellent value for money,with 'meet & greet' at the airport .You can also choose the Speedy Shuttle/Connect service,which guarantees no more than 4 drop off or collections en route.

    When would it be an advantage to
     book a Private Transfer.?
    If there is a group of you,large group,family,friends then it is a brilliant way to travel with a vehicle reserved for you and your group/party.Direct to your destination.No wasted time at the airport.

    Price reductions/Illegal Pay at the
    airport taxis.?
    There will always be someone offering these services cheaper,bogus brokers,bogus websites, who may not deliver what they are offering.Plus you will not be insured on your journey this means any accidents or vehicle breakdowns you have no back up,and are travelling illegally.
    Do not risk it, book with fully bonded companies,your worth it.




    Benidorm Transfers - Since 1996 - Local offices - New Coaches.
    Part of the' Benidorm Direct Group ' Reliable,Dedicated to you. 

    Prices - Prijzen - Precios - Цены - Preise - Prix - Priser - Pris - Transfers. 2013. Costa Blanca.  
    Need Prices for resorts/towns not listed below:e.mail 

    'Book your transfers here' Excellent service & value,Transport office/desk representative in the airport to direct you to your vehicle.So don't delay Book your transfers here - Today' - Since 1996 providing Transfers & Accommodation on the Costa Blanca.

    Wij zijn een privaat transferbedrijf aan de Costa Blanca in Spanje en bieden u een dag en nachtservice van en naar alle Costa Blanca luchthavens  in de nieuwste voertuigen, minibussen en reisbussen naar en van uw accomodatie in Benidorm en omgeving tegen de scherpste prijzen.


    Transfer Services operating From Alicante Airport:

    Airport -
    1. Benidorm Shuttle Direct per person

     Alicante airport-Benidorm/La Cala/Albir:
    2. Benidorm Shuttle 'VIP' SHARED - Benidorm EXPRESS' Shuttle/Connect Bus (maximum 4 stops en route) one way return per person.
    (Between 09.00 - 21.00 hours only available) -REF-WE03- -BOOK

    2a. Alicante airport-Alfaz (Forum or Casa Cultura or Reuma sol stops) La Nucia (Super la Nucia or Restaurant Palafox stops) Polop (Maxi dia supermarket stop)
    £12.00 per person one way - return per person
    -Ref-WEO3/A -BOOK-

    Alicante airport - Vilajoyosa (stops: Camping Paraiso or Plaza de la Generalitat) by Express Connect service £15.00 per person one way - £30.00 return - Maximum 6 stops
    Book with Reference - VYV8C

    3. Alicante airport-Benidorm/La Cala/ Private Taxi 1-4 passengers
    one way £54.00 per taxi -£108.00 return per taxi -REF-WE04--BOOK

    4. Alicante airport-Benidorm/La Cala/Albir. Private Taxi/MPV 1-7 passengers one way £83.00 per taxi -£166.00 return per taxi -REF-WE05--BOOK

    5. Alicante airport-Benidorm/La Cala/Albir. Private Euro Taxi 1-4 passengers (WHEELCHAIR ADAPTED
    one way £70.00 per taxi-return £140.00 per taxi -WE06-BOOK

    6. Alicante airport-Benidorm/La Cala/Albir. Private Taxi/MPVi 1-8 passengers one way £98.00 per taxi-£196.00 return per taxi.-REF-WE07--BOOK

    7. Alicante airport-Benidorm/La Cala/Albir. Private 1-10 passengers one way £100.00 per mini bus-£200.00 return per mini bus.-REF-WE08--BOOK

    8. Alicante airport-Benidorm/La Cala/Albir.Private 1-12 passengers one way £109.00 per mini bus-£218.00 return per mini bus.-REF-WE09--BOOK

    9. Alicante airport-Benidorm/La Cala/Albir.Private 1-15 passengers one way £114.00 per mini bus-£228.00 return per mini bus.-REF-WE10--BOOK

    10. Alicante airport-Benidorm/La Cala/Albir.Private 1-20 passengers one way £144.00 per coach-£288.00 return per coach.-REF-WE11--BOOK

    11. Alicante airport-Benidorm/La Cala/Albir.Private 1-24 passengers one way £149.00 per coach-£298.00 return per coach.-REF-WE12--BOOK

    12. Alicante airport-Benidorm/La Cala/Albir.Private 1-54 passengers one way £199.00 per coach-£398.00 return per coach.-REF-WE13--BOOK

    13. Alicante airport - Albir-Alfaz del Pi 1-4 passengers by Private taxi 
    £57.00 per taxi one way = £114.00 return -REF- AALF9 BOOK  

    All vehicles - will accept 1 x case per adult 20 kilos and 1 piece of hand luggage 10 kilos per person.
    Extras - Foldable wheelchairs 'Free'
    Bicycles £5.00 one way - £10.00 return
    Golf Clubs - £5.00 one way - £10.00 return
    Extra luggage - £5.00 one way - £10.00 return
    Other items on request:
    'Late Bookings made within 24 hours of departure incur £5.00 administration fee.'

    After you have collected your luggage, leave the luggage hall through the glass sliding doors marked Exit / Salida. Our desk at Alicante is on level - 2.At Murcia or Valencia a driver will be waiting there holding an A4 card with your name and “Aena Airports” printed on it.

    Please note that the taxi/private hire laws in Spain are very strict.  There are numerous illegal Companies on the Costa's openly advertising on the internet as legitimate taxi/transfer companies.There are also apartment owners & letting agencies offering cheap transfers,
    these are also illegal.    

    Aena Airport's are patrolled continuously by the police & government inspectors looking for illegal touts. If a Transfer Company asks to meet you anywhere apart from the designated area in the arrivals terminal, they will be illegal,(even if they use the excuse that this is due to building work), their vehicles will also not be insured for passenger liability cover. You should remember that if stopped by the Guardia Civil (Police) the vehicle would be confiscated immediately leaving you stranded. A vehicle that is licensed will be SP (Servicio Publico) plated by the Spanish Authorities and you can always ask to see a copy of the Companies "Targeta de Transporte" license if you are concerned. Please dont ruin your holiday before it has started.And do not pay for services in taxis and coaches en route this is
    also illegal unless in a ranked taxi.

    Alicante/Valencia/Murcia Airport Return Transfers to :
    All Costa Blanca towns - resorts
    E.mail enquiry:

    Taxi Alicante + Valencia: rates per taxi one way:

    TAXI RATE ONE WAY x 2 for return journey
    1- 4 passengers

    Alicante to Calpe    £80,00
    Alicante to Benidorm    £54.00
    Alicante to Denia    £98,00
    Alicante to Javea    £99,00
    Alicante to Benissa    £96,00
    Alicante to Moraira/Teulada    £94,00
    Alicante to Altea    £65,00
    Alicante to Guardamar Del Segura    £40,00
    Alicante to El Campello    £34,00
    Alicante to Torrevieja    £50,00
    Alicante to Pilar De La Horada    £74,00
    Alicante to Albir    £57,00
    Alicante to Alfas del Pi    £57,00
    Alicante to La Nucia    £59,00
    Alicante to Pollop    £60,00
    Alicante to Jalon    £90,00
    Alicante to Teulada    £82,00
    Alicante to Gata de Gorgos    £90,00
    Calpe to Valencia    £140,00
    Calpe to Denia    £30,00
    Valencia to Benidorm    £160,00
    Valencia to Denia    £120,00
    Valencia to Javea    £132,00
    Valencia to Benissa    £132,00
    Valencia to Moraira    £130,00
    Valencia to Altea    £150,00
    Valencia to Albir    £152,00
    Valencia to Alfas del pi    £152,00
    Valencia to La Nucia    £156,00
    Valencia to Pollop    £138,00
    Valencia to Jalon    £145,00
    Valencia to Teulada    £130,00
    Valencia to Gata de Gorgos    £127,00

    We have vehicles available with 'Free cava on board' from Alicante-Murcia-Valencia airports plus excursions hire - party hire - on the costa blanca.
    Vehicles available - Lincoln town car limo 8 passengers - Ford excursion limo 13 passengers - Ford expedition 11-14 passengers - Ford dorchester limo 6 passengers - Rolls Royce silver spirit 3/4 passengers - Daimler DS420 limo 6 passengers
    We provide for one way or excursions along the costa blanca.
    E.mail your requirements Murcia/Valencia or Alicante airports :

    ### Alicante airport - Benidorm - Free cava + photos outside airport ###
    Lincoln town car 8 passengers one way £369.00/return £569.00
    Ford excursion Limo 13 passengers one way £419.00/return £665.00
    Ford expedition Limo 11-14 passengers one way £379.00/return £615.00
    Ford dorchester Limo 6 passengers one way £315.00/return £479.00
    Rolls Royce silver spirit 4 passengers one way £379.00/return £615.00
    Daimler DS420 Limo 6 passengers one way £379.00/return £615.00

    Deposit for Limo Hire £50.00 per vehicle.Balance due 28 days before arrival.

    Prijzen vereisten voor andere steden niet opgesomd alstublieft met details.

    Necesidad de precios de otros centros turísticos por favor los detalles e.mail :

    Preise haben für andere Städte nicht aufgeführt bitte E. Post mit Details erfordert.

    I prezzi hanno richiesto per le altre cittì non ha elencato per favore l'e.posta con i dettagli.

    Os preços exigiram para outros povoados não listou por favor e.correio com detalhes.

    Les prix ont exigé pour les autres villes n'a pas énuméré s'il vous plaît de l'e.courrier avec les détails. 

    Бенидорм самые дешевые отели и апартаменты с «Бесплатно» Аликанте Аэропорт Трансферы книга, которую свой рейс и книга напрямую с Бенидорм Direct.For ваш отель или квартиру.


    ''You can Make a booking on the 'secure page' Reserve (Above) or by  PAYPAL''       

    WEB: or


    E.mail for any other resorts towns cities not listed .

    '' MURCIA ''TAXI - Murcia airport-Benidorm return 1-4 passengers  = £244.00
    '' MURCIA ''TAXI - Murcia airport-Benidorm return 1-7 passengers  = £320.00
    '' MURCIA ''TAXI - Murcia airport-Benidorm return 1-8 passengers = £340.00
    '' MURCIA ''Mini-Bus - Murcia airport-Benidorm return 1-10 passengers = £350.00
    '' MURCIA ''Mini-Bus - Murcia airport-Benidorm return 1-12 passengers = £360.00
    '' MURCIA ''Micro-Bus - Murcia airport-Benidorm return 1-15 passengers = £399.00
    '' MURCIA ''Coach - Murcia airport-Benidorm return 1-20 passengers  = £409.00
    '' MURCIA ''Coach - Murcia airport-Benidorm return 1-24 passengers = £419.00
    '' MURCIA ''Coach - Murcia airport-Benidorm return 1-52 passengers =£509.00 

    '' VALENCIA ''TAXI - Valencia airport-Benidorm return 1-4 passengers = £280.00
    '' VALENCIA ''TAXI - Valenica airport-Benidorm return 1-7 passengers = £360.00
    '' VALENCIA ''Mini-Bus - Valencia airport-Benidorm return 1-10 passengers = £399.00
    '' VALENCIA ''Micro-Bus - Valencia airport-Benidorm return 1-15 passengers = £449.00
    '' VALENCIA ''Micro-Bus  - Valencia airport-Benidorm return 1-24 passengers = £499.00
    '' VALENCIA ''Coach - Valencia airport-Benidorm return 1-52 passengers = £649.00

    1-4 PASSENGERS TAXI £160.00
    1-7 SEAT TAXI £220.00
    1-8 SEAT TAXI £228.00
    1-10 SEAT MINI BUS £230.00
    1-12 SEAT MINI BUS £250.00
    1-15 SEAT MINI BUS £256.00
    1-20 SEAT COACH £280.00
    1-24 SEAT COACH £332.00
    1-54 SEAT COACH £490.00

    Other towns-resorts-golf